Our approach

At W Clinic we focus on delivering high standards of care for patients who would prefer to recover in their home environment, harnessing the clinical expertise of a team of recognised plastic surgeons and tissue specialist nurses. We know that comfort and rest is integral to speedy and successful wound healing, which is why we offer a complete wound management service from diagnosis to aftercare, without you having to travel and reducing the chance of complications.

Our vision is to provide patients with the same quality care that we would want for ourselves and our loved ones. We only employ the most professional and trusted doctors and nurses that meet our standards - people who you would be happy to welcome into your home and who are friendly and respectful while maintaining your dignity and privacy.

Why choose
W Clinic?

Our doctors and nurses are skilled in the latest wound healing techniques and you can rest assured that the treatment you receive in our hands will be no different than being seen in a specialist centre. In fact, you are more likely to have a positive experience with the flexibility and speedier recovery time of being cared for at home. We adhere to strict professional procedures and offer seamless communication between you, our team and your doctor. For every step of the way, our team is on hand to respond to your needs, providing one-on-one care in the management of your wound.